Not Good Enough – Thoughts on what I can do to combat facism and white supremacy in the United States – based on the Charlottesville march that occurred this past week

I’m outraged. I’m not surprised. And I’m scared.  But here’s the thing – I don’t know what to do, or what I can do.

With the exception of the occasional post on this blog, I don’t share news articles or anything to my other social media sites because I like them to be safe spaces for me. And yes I know it’s a privilege to ignore things that upset me and make me uncomfortable. But I also find that in some ways, simply sharing and doing nothing else is “slacktivism” and I know I’m preaching to the choir of my Facebook friends (I have carefully cultivated my friends list as such), I have only friends as followers on Twitter, and I guess I don’t know anything about my followers on Tumblr, but I still don’t have a large enough platform to make a difference there.

I would donate money if I had any I could spare – but I barely make enough to live on without support from my parents and I’m personally fighting a shopping addiction and hypomania-induced impulse control issues that leave me with less than I need, let alone any disposable income.

I would go to rallies – and I’ve gone to one or two – but the big ones in my city this week are all happening during the first couple of trainings for my new internship at the suicide prevention hotline – which I can’t miss.

So I have all these things and all that’s running through my mind is EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES.

I’m queer and Jewish and have a mental illness. I am a woman. I am not the pinnacle of white European-ness or whatever these Nazis and white supremacists want me to be. But I am white. And for all intents and purposes, regardless of the intersection of my other identities, that gives me a great deal of privilege. But I don’t know how to use it.

And I can’t deny that I’m scared. Even as a bisexual female Jew, I haven’t been personally discriminated against in my own life, nor have I ever been in any danger. And I’m really afraid to put myself into danger. But I am sub-human to these fucks, even if my general whiteness allows me to “pass”

I saw a post this morning that said something like, “If you ever wondered what you would do during slavery, the Holocaust, or apartheid, STOP. Because you’re doing it right now.” And that made me wonder what I was doing.

In practice I am doing nothing. And that’s not what I want to do. I want to do something, but I want to do something meaningful. I don’t want to be a “slacktivist”.

What I’m doing now is Not Good Enough. It’s not good period because I’m essentially doing nothing except trying to start conversations with friends and family members who mostly agree with me already, but are also not doing anything.

So I’m looking for advice, here. What can I do?


2 thoughts on “Not Good Enough – Thoughts on what I can do to combat facism and white supremacy in the United States – based on the Charlottesville march that occurred this past week

  1. I feel you. I’m in absolutely the same boat. What I’m doing is this: I’m speaking out. I’m confronting Nazi rhetoric and more importantly, proto-Nazi rhetoric. I’m breaking down their logical fallacies. I’m pointing out their inconsistencies. I’m calling them out, making them reveal themselves through the dog whistles. I’m accepting the idea that freedom of speech means the freedom to accept the consequences of your words. I’m trying to go to any protests within reaching distance. And I’m prepared to return violence if violence comes to me, though I’m not going to seek or start it. It’s not much, but if everyone, as they used to say in WWII, “does their bit,” and keeps doing it, we will overcome.

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  2. Hey! I agree with what’s posted above, and also going to add a list of concrete things to do that I’ve seen being posted around Facebook. Hope it helps!

    -Go to a street medic training
    -Run jail support
    -If you’re good at using the internet(as in better than average), learn how to securely doxx these people.
    -If you’re a creative type, write a zine about anti fascism(we can chat about specifics if you can’t think of anything)
    -If you’re EMT trained, HOST a street medic training
    -Become a legal observer through the National Lawyers Guild
    -Set up letter writing events to send to political prisoners
    -There’s a lot of parents who want to fight but can’t because of their kids, watch their kids for them
    -If you can cook, organize food drives/pot lucks for the larger demonstrations.
    -Help people in more counseling/therapy ways.
    -Provide space for people to be safe if you have it
    -Make room for targeted and oppressed voices


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